Even this year I want to propose a Christmas Sale, expiring December 31.


The offer consists of a Quartet of Italian traditional single chamber Ocarinas with 10/11 holes and with Budrio classic fingering, that is, playing the high E (relative) with the little finger of the left hand and the following F with the right hand thumb.This fingering allows better handling and higher speed when playing high notes.

The instruments offered are some Quartets in Canadian red or white clay consisting of:

1) Soprano in C
2) Soprano in G
3) Alto in C
4) Tenore in G

The proposed price for this set is US$ 340.00 with shipping already included to anywhere in the world.
There will be available 12 Quartets that will be manufactured specifically for the buyers until the end of the promotion (December 31, 2011)

Payment is possible through Paypal or by banking transfer.

Quartetto Italiano