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Internationales Ocarinafestival
Schloss Mazoll
29/30 Juli
Dittmannsdorf 7
A-4144 Oberkappel
Tel.: +43 7284 230
I sette siti di Andrea Bornstein, una importantissima ed autorevole fonte di informazione musicologica a disposizione degli studiosi di tutto il mondo (in continua crescita).
Fugue forum (per i cultori della musica erudita)

Siti di alcuni compositori tonali (tratto da un sito di D.Arditti "editor")

David Arditti (England) Editor's comments This is the editor's site so he has no comments
Rene Gruss (England) Editor's comments Piano and orchestral music, sometimes intricately textured, sometimes dramatic, in a manner somewhere between Chopin and Skriabin
Thom Heppleston (Canada) Editor's comments His pieces, unfortunately, are not yet available played by real players. The synthesised music, however, if you can get over the electronic timbres, suggests that this is a serious composer in the classical idiom to watch.
Michael Mauldin (USA) Editor's comments Only a few listenable files, but very well performed and recorded, plus much information on this prolific New Mexico composer, conductor and educator
Sean Militello (USA) Editor's comments Not much to asess as yet, but this composer, still at college, seems to have resisted being trained away from the basically effective in music which blights so many going through the educational process.
John Mitchell (USA) Editor's comments Clearly an accomplished composer who has worked in many forms, though only his charming, somewhat Edwardian-sounding songs can be heard on his site at present.
Giorgio Pacchioni (Italy) Editor's comments Very pure style reviving the contrapuntal techniques of the baroque masters
Wayn Michael Peppercorn (USA) Editors Comments As well as a wealth of excellent MIDI files, contains useful analytical information for the student.
Georgs Pelecis (Latvia) [Page is part of the New Consonant Music site] Editor's comments Pelecis studied under Khachaturian at the Tchaikovsky Consevertoire in Moscow, and his music carries forward uncompromisingly the great tradition of those composers today.
Richard Rendleman (USA) Editor's comments This composer proves that the ability to write broad, romantic music with genuine feeling and real technical skill did not die out about 1900.
Jim Signorile (USA) Editor's comments Wide output, nearly always tuneful, Signoriles's rhythmic, optimistic music with folky elements has been classed as "romantic minimalism"
Ron Yedida (USA) [Page is part of the Music and Art Consortium site] Editor's comments A few samples of his romantic, Jewish-influenced-sounding violin and piano music available
Ethan Winer (USA) Details of how his cello concerto came to be written and recorded
Justin Zaza (Canada) Has written some fine pieces based on the forms and style of the baroque